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Increasing Rural Network Speeds to Create Stronger Inter-connectivity Throughout America


The Federal Communications Commission or FCC plans to raise the bandwidth of rural areas from 10 Mbps to 25 Mbps. Chairman Ajit Pai, who previously fought to repeal Net Neutrality, states that rural Americans deserve services that are comparable to urban areas. The FCC already funds providers to bring broadband to sparsely populated areas and the FCC will now increase the amount paid as an incentive to raise speeds. By raising the bandwidth minimum for rural areas, Pai hopes to build a more strongly developed network throughout the US. He claims such development will be further supported by the fact that net neutrality and other regulations have been repealed.


This article is a great example of a party’s attempt to gain strong support from rural communities by creating stronger and more accessible connections between them. Rural communities act much like clusters in network theory with a high threshold needed for them to adopt outside ideas and technology. Ajit Pai will be able to win their support by creating a higher payoff if these communities support him and his party. Moreso, because these communities will be more strongly interconnected through the internet, lower thresholds will be needed to create a cascade effect of support for Pai. Overall, Pai may seem like a generous benefactor in helping connect rural areas, but it is more likely that political support is the greater goal of his actions.


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