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Going Viral on YouTube – How to Make a Trending Video

Link:   Watching YouTube videos is a slippery slope. A person goes in thinking they’re only going to watch a few of the hot new videos, and they end up spending their entire night going through the Trending section of the site. Many of us have probably found ourselves on this end of the […]

Beyond PageRank: How Google Has Evolved

Link to Article: Since 1999, Google has revolutionized the way our world conducts a simple or complex query search on the web. Its game-changing PageRank algorithm helped pave the way to tailoring more accurate, reputable, and more popular web pages to users in order to provide a more informative and valuable search experience. However, in […]

Facebook Political Ads and Information Cascades   Facebook has been pressured to make political advertisement funding more transparent to prevent election manipulation. Last May, they created a new policy that promised users the publication of the buyer’s names (ie: “paid for by the GOP”). However, a new report shows that the buyers have found loopholes by purchasing advertisements under obscure […]

World’s Longest Bridge-Tunnel Makes Southern China More Strongly Connected As of Tuesday, October 23rd, China’s $20 billion project to build a sea-crossing between Hong Kong and mainland China opened to traffic after nearly a decade of construction.  This bridge is a part of a larger objective of Beijing to connect all of southern China’s Greater Bay Area with similar over-seas bridges, as well […]

Structural Balance in the UFC

Although Mixed Martial Arts focuses on respect towards an opponent, the UFC has transformed this sport into one involving entertainment and trash talk, rather than respectful combat. Hence, understanding the strong and weak ties in the UFC fighter community has become essential as it is a big part of the business as a whole and […]

Room and Roommate Matching

Before the beginning of each academic year, incoming freshmen get assigned a residential room and roommate(s). Students usually receive the option of either picking a specific roommate or being assigned a roommate randomly. Through social media, new students join the official Facebook page or other forms of identifying the upcoming class. Some people post bios […]

Classical Computing Networks Vs. Quantum Computing Networks is one of the largest and most reputable peer reviewed journals in the world. The study talked about in this article was submitted and published by Science, therefore we can also assume the study and its authors are reputable sources. is a science news aggregator that posts links and […]

Apple: Outsourcing, Bargaining, and Network Exchange Theory

Article: Apple is always working on improving and scaling the production of their products, but most of their production does not occur internally. For example, Apple does not make the OLED displays used for the iPhone, rather the production is outsourced to another company. Although outsourcing isn’t an uncommon practice amongst technology companies, Apple interestingly […]

Augmenting the Effectiveness of Facebook Advertisements

Article: In How Advertisers Can Beat Facebook’s New Advertising Paradigm, author Kazu Takiguchi advises certain strategies that advertisers can use to get the most valuable impressions on platforms such as Facebook for the least amount of money. Takiguchi argues that advertisers should not make a single generic ad; rather advertisers should make numerous advertising […]

The Rise of Gacha and Loot Boxes ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Revenue Reaches $400 Million Worldwide Over the past several years, the Google Play and App store have seen a rise in Gacha games. With the success of mobile games such as Puzzle and Dragons (PAD), released the US in 2012, the Gachapon-style game popular in Asia had been introduced to a whole […]

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