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Google, AI, ML, and Ads

Google has primarily relied on their algorithm, PageRank to rank search results, and a separate algorithm known as Ad Rank that determined which ads to run with particular search terms. But, to determine how much Google should set the prices per click on different search queries is determined by auctions. In order to help advertisers […]

Whitney and Mariah friends? In 1990, Whitney Houston was at the height of her fame, already 5 years into her career she has taken the world by storm and was being labeled as the “voice of a generation”. However, that year a new fresh-faced star, with voice that could match Whitney’s released her self-titled debut album “Mariah Carey”. […]

Twitch Advertisement

Twitch expands programmatic guarantees to more advertisers What You Need to Know About Twitch’s Ad Platform   Twitch is a video streaming platform with around 15000000 users per day.  It is a free to use platform for streamers to stream for and interact with their communities.  The creators make money from subscriptions from their viewers […]

Technology’s Influence on Matching Markets Matching Markets are a very relevant topic we covered in class.  It essentially boils down to having two groups: the producers and the consumers.  The examples mentioned in class featured students enrolling in classes, organ donations, and even tinder.  These matching markets have been around forever but I am choosing to focus on the […]

Facebook’s Revised Ad Strategy

Facebook is revising its advertising strategy.  From what we learned in class, Facebook uses the VCG procedure to determine which ad slots to give to which buyers. As we know, the steps to the VCG principle are as follows: 1. Buyers announce item valuations that may or may not be truthful 2. Make a perfect […]

The Lack of Morality in Youtube’s Algorithm

Youtube is one of the biggest entertainment platforms on the Internet, where content creators can upload a vast variety of videos in order to attract their target audiences. It is undeniably an incredible and powerful force to be reckoned with in this modern age. As the Internet continues to rise, so does the watch time […]

Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets Brawl: A Case-Study of Information Cascades Within the NBA Community

As an avid fan of professional sports, I commonly find myself frequenting online sports forums. Yesterday, there was an especially large amount of activity on the NBA discussion boards due to an event during the matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets. During the waning moments of the fourth quarter, the game […]

Nash Equilibria in Switching Social Media Sites

Despite recent controversies surrounding personal data usage and fake news, Facebook has managed to retain its status as the foremost social media site in America. This article claims that this phenomenon can be attributed in part to the sunk cost fallacy and to a Nash equilibrium relating to when people are willing to switch social […]

The Youtube Search Controversy: The Consequences of Algorithms on Content Creators

Articles referenced:   The rise in the information age as we moved to the Internet has brought with it a number of consequences, in particular, the way in which people now discover and access information.   Where is a good place to go for dinner tonight? How do we compute the eigenvalue of […]

The Atypical ‘Balloon Girl’ Auction

If you’re unfamiliar with the street artist Banksy, he is an anonymous England-based artist, activist, vandal, and film director. His street art tends to be quite satirical – employing dark humor to comment on political and social structures and events, and his stencil-graffiti works have been featured on walls, buildings, streets, and bridges of cities […]

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