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Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are among the most popular forms of advertisement by companies and especially fashion brands. They have evolved from simple commercials to full on ambassadorship positions- you can see brand ambassadors on Instagram feed and on college campuses every day.

Two very prominent examples of the power of celebrity endorsements comes from the sports world: Nike and Adidas. Although Nike has had more success building a loyal following, Adidas has also made a point of collaborating with artists and other personalities. Past celebrity brand ambassadors for Adidas include Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Kendall Jenner.

Why are these collaborations becoming so popular? The more brands support a celebrity, the more successful or popular they can become. Artists like Rihanna release their own makeup and collaborate with designers as well as become brand ambassadors for brands like Dior. The more successful/popular they become, the more endorsements they attract. For every red carpet photo, Instagram post, and television interview, it matter who the celebrity is wearing, what brands they like and who they talk about.

In the relationships between celebrities and brands, the hubs are the endorsements/people, and the authorities are the brands. Both parties benefit from the relationship. For artists like Kanye, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez, brand sponsorships means another way to garner interest around their work and personality as well as earn money. For companies like Nike and Adidas, the wealth of partnerships with athletes from LeBron James to Cristiano Ronaldo mean more visibility and more customers- their credibility is boosted because of the success of the athletes they partner with.


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