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Google Crypto Ad Reversal

[Breaking]: Google Pay Per Click Campaigns See Crypto Ad Ban Reversal

Google is an industry leader for advertisements. One of the main streams of revenue for Google is how they charge for clicks on ads. This ad published by explains how Google has reversed its ban on pay per click ads on Bitcoin. Companies from the United States and Japan will now be able to purchase ads for crypots because of the lift of this ban. The article states why the ban was originally implemented. The ban was a result of wanting to protect the customers from any type of scam that could happen. Since the inception of bitcoin becoming mainstream, many consumers have fell into the trap of getting scammed by fake cryptocurrency providers. Now, with the repeal of the ban, only crypto exchange will be able to buy ads, and other exchanges are still banned. Crypto ads across all companies have been a recent issue. Cryptocurrency is still not a knowledgeable topic for many consumers, so major companies such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and others are still cautious the way they approach these kinds of ads. Now that cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, both consumers and ad providers must be cautious.  


This relates to the course as it is interesting to think about both how cryptocurrency ads should be regulated and how they should be priced, considering the risks they pose to consumers. When you purchase an ad for a bedroom or for a lawyer, the person who sees or clicks on the ad knows exactly what they are getting into. Because cryptocurrency poses such a high risk for consumers with unpredictable market trends, the prices can become arbitrary depending on who you ask. There are huge financial risks involved with investing in cryptocurrencies. Other factors that might be considered could be how mainstream the cryptocurrency is, whether it be Bitcoin, or a new type of cryptocurrency that may or may not be a scam which might influence Google to increase the price of the advertisement. Perhaps they will come up with a new technique in pricing cryptocurrency ads. 


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