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Turning off the Targets.

As we discuss advertising search industry, we take a deeper look into the emergence of new trends in online and media advertising markets. The fairly new term of ‘sponsored search markets’ relates the online behavior of the individual to maximizing the potential to cater advertisements to personal preferences and relevance. The article “How to beat […]

Explaining One of Ethereum’s Problems through the Prisoner’s Dilemma. (Note, while this is a tweet, this is related to work I did this summer at Cornell Tech and this data is all correct and I verified the numbers. The man who tweeted this is reputable in the cryptocurrency community and even has a follow from Cornell professor Emin Gun Sirer.) This link shows […]

Lies in fencing.   Fencing is all about attacking and counterattacking. It is a sport that comes with a lot of thinking and taking chances. It is all about trying to catch your opponent off guard and also predicting what your opponent might do next. It is a pretty logical game, when you think you’re opponent is […]

PageRank Redefines Track and Field Rankings

The applications of Google’s PageRank algorithm extend beyond web search. Researchers applied the PageRank algorithm to rank professional track and field athletes. I invite you to view the research publication here: At first, there appears to be an obvious solution to ranking professional track and field athletes. Why not simply order the athletes according […]

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