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The Internet for the Illiterate

The internet is currently exclusive to those who are literate, but it has the potential to benefit everyone. IBM developed a project called the Spoken Web to provide an internet for those who are illiterate. It is based on voice recordings and can be navigated with a phone solely capable of making calls. This concept […]

Monkeys in a Prisoner’s Dilemma   In this article, there was a study done from two scientists, Haroush and Williams, whom had monkeys play a game which involves the concept of the prisoner’s dilemma. They start the article with a scenario where they tell the reader that he/she can either pick option C or D and is playing […]

To Copy or Not to Copy, That is the Question   Unlike most creative industries in the United States, fashion designers face a huge battle each season when releasing their newest lines. While copyright claims are quickly created in the music, literature, or art industries, fashion designers struggle to protect their intellectual property. Fashion designers are often left vulnerable to have their exact designs […]

TripAdvisor to Reinvent Travel Planning with a New Social Network Later this year, TripAdvisor will launch a new social-media-style website and mobile app. This new approach to travel planning will allow users to create a personalized profile through which they can share photos and videos of their trips, and connect more directly with friends, family, and fellow travelers. As TripAdvisor’s co-founder and chief […]


Facebook and other online network resources make it hard to be undetected in a social network, which many people desire for their own privacy purposes. While individuals are able to restrict public knowledge of their personal lives and information, they are unable to be completely off the grid simply by the fact that they are […]

Game Theory and Penalty Kicks

Soccer is the most widely played sports across the globe. This is a well-known fact, however what most people do not realize is that the penalty kicks can be modeled using Game Theory. The penalty kicks often are the most important part of the game because they frequently decide the outcome of many matches, including […]

Game Theory and White House Leaks

Cassidy, J. (2018, May 15). How Game Theory Explains the Leaks in the Trump White House. The New Yorker. This article paints Trump’s White House as a real-life instance of the prisoner’s dilemma. The author points out that in the classic prisoner’s dilemma, mutual denial is the best option for both parties. Similarly, he […]

Game Theory and potential disease outbreaks.

This article examines the strategies in people’s mins when they are thinking about getting a vaccine. It is intuitive to think getting a vaccine would be the best strategy to prevent illness. However, if one looks at the negatives of getting a vaccine (price, pain from the shot, possible reaction to the immunization) and considers […]

An Alternative to Nash Equilibrium

Every decision we make is based on some combination of past experience, knowledge of how the world works, and our own personal values and preferences. While some decisions are easy, most of the decisions we make are the results of our best guesses at what might give us the largest reward. Game theory tries to […]

Scale-free networks are rare

In January of this year, Anna Broido and Aaron Clauset published an article titled “Scale-free networks are rare” [1], in which they analyzed nearly 1000 different types of networks and found that only 4% strongly follow the power law model, generally considered to be the determining factor for a scale-free network. For some background, Albert […]

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