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Dangers of Juuling + Game Theory



In the New York Times article, “F.D.A. Targets Vaping, Alarmed by Teenage Use” by Sheila Kaplan and Jan Hoffman, it is announced that the FDA  has called e-cigarettes ‘“an epidemic proportion,” and it put makers of the most popular devices on notice that they have just 60 days to prove they can keep their devices away from minors.” The FDA is challenging major e-cigarette companies like Juul and blu, to create a proposal in under 60 days to prove how they can keep their products away from people underage purchasing their product across the country. The FDA also sent out “warning letters” to over 1100 stores to be cautious of this matter, and sent over 130 fines ranging from $200-$11,000 per retailer. While the use of traditional cigarettes has declined over the past few decades, e-cig use has gone up. Companies like Juul, which make flavored vape pods and have become a status symbol for teens in highschool to adults around the States, are easy to use (which is why they’re popular). However, these e-cigs all contain high concentrations of nicotine, a harmful addicted substance found in tobacco products. This “fad” is extremely dangerous and detrimental to people’s health; especially minors who get hooked on it early in life. Because Juul isn’t a “typical” cigarette, users are unaware of the lifelong consequences of developing a nicotine habit; the desire to buy a Juul is induced by peer pressure. And it’s happening extremely fast.




According to the textbook, Game Theory is “concerned with situations in which decision-makers interact with one another, and in which the happiness of each participant with the outcome depends not just on his or her own decisions but on the decisions made by everyone.” Based off the article, the “players” are minors who have a Juul, versus minors that don’t. Each player can receive a certain payoff based on the strategy they chose, and in this case it’s deciding to own a Juul vs. not own a Juul. Payoffs in the long run who chose to buy a Juul are developing a nicotine addiction, and payoffs for those who don’t succumb to peer pressure and influence by purchasing a Juul when underage will not develop a nicotine addiction. Due to the fact a dominant strategy is a best response due to the strategies of other player, it is best to stay away from dangerous nicotine products and not give in to a dangerous fad.


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