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The Chromatic Number of the Plane is at Least 5 During our discussion of graph theory, I was reminded of this paper posted in April of last year. Imagine we have a graph representing the plane. The nodes are all the points (all uncountably infinitely many of them) and there is an edge if and only if they are a distance of exactly 1 […]

Ready Player One: Beating Cancer With Game Theory

This article relates to our discussion in Networks of Game Theory. There are a few game setups in this article. For the first, the players are cancer and the body’s immune system. Unfortunately in this case, the body’s immune system strategy is to battle the cancer. However, the cancer is able to always employ its […]

Drake vs. Meek Mill Status: Balanced

Thus far, I have learned from this class that networks are at play in all aspects of our life. Whether it be business, academic, or personal, the abstract topics covered in lecture have very legitimate applications in the real world. What I found really interesting in the textbook readings was the idea of Structural Balance […]

Game Theory: Nuclear War with North Korea Game theory offers solid insight into “best” strategies when modeled over simple “games”, but how useful is in when applied to a real world situation? Trump and North Korea previously built up tensions regarding a potential nuclear war (although U.S. – North Korea relations seem to have improved recently), so game theorists have been […]

The Symbiosis of the Media and Terrorism

Social media has undoubtedly gained a considerable amount of importance when it comes to receiving information. It’s given people the chance to share ideas, connections to form throughout the world, and minority groups to have a voice. However, this seemingly global connectedness has lead to over-crowded fields of nodes competing for attention. This phenomenon can […]

Social Media and Weak Ties With the prominence of social media, it is easy to look at your 1,000+ connections on Facebook, and deem them friends. The New York Times article “Are My Friends Really My Friends” by Teddy Wayne discusses how social media sites have increased the quantity of human interactions, but not the quality. In the context […]

Social Media Trolls

Companies set up business pages on Facebook and encouraged customers to “like” their pages in order to receive “free advertising since messages can go viral on social media. However, Facebook only delivers a small fraction of these posts to a small fraction of the company’s fans. Facebook controls the access to the customers and charges […]

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