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Artificial Intelligence and The Kentucky Derby

  Artificial intelligence has come to the Kentucky Derby.   According to a recent article in Forbes, the Kentucky Derby is partnering with an AI company to apply the science behind artificial intelligence to “handicap the race.” According the Forbes, the AI company correctly predicted the Superfecta outcome of last year’s Kentucky Derby, which means that […]

Preparedness for a Diseasae Outbreak

How Ready Are We for a Pandemic? We Asked an Infectious Disease Expert   This article discussed the probability of an upcoming disease outbreak. Despite countless advances in technology, we are still incredibly susceptible to diseases. Furthermore,  some technology, such as antibiotics actutally increases the probability of a disease outbreak when it is used incorrectly. Currently, […]

Global Risk of Madagascar’s Pneumonic Plague Epidemic is Limited This article is about the recent uprising in pneumonic plague in Madagascar. Currently, mathematical models project the diseases reproductive number to be around 1.73. The study says that the probability of worldwide spread is very low, around 0.1 person per the 78 day period they evaluated. This disease is dangerous, however, because of its high fatality […]

HIV Epidemic in Europe

This article, posted by Sputnik International touches on a study completed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) that found surprising results in terms of the number of new cases of HIV. One of the more surprising statistics was that just between 2007 and 2015 there was […]

Game Theory of OPEC Production Cuts Earlier this year OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) agreed to cut oil production in hopes that cutting supply would raise prices favorably for the supplier. The countries that OPEC is comprised of control a large enough amount of global petroleum production that there is merit to their effort, and they have succeeded with […]

Game Theory in Side-blotched lizards

The given article discusses the process of mating of the side-blotched lizard: a commonly found lizard in Mexico and in the Deserts in the West of America. The lizards have a very peculiar mating strategy: the mating strategy of each male is determined by its throat color, which is either blue, yellow or orange. All […]

Truth (Relative or Independent): Humankind’s quest for truth as represented by The Borda Count and inverse odds

The idea of voting as discussed in the lecture on The Borda count can provide a strong basis for explaining Humankind’s quest for truth and the admittedly experimental yet tentative nature of science. Take the heliocentric model of the solar system and now superseded geocentric model (which partially encapsulates the Ptolemaic model) of the universe […]

Rich get Richer… while the poor helps? The article discusses America’s future and how the GOP tax bills is ruining it. It is a pretty biased website, but the message it’s giving is sincere. What it claims is that the rich corporations will pay less taxes whereas the poor, elderly people, and students will be stripped through taxes. It directly attacks […]

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