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Cascade model in Hip-hop

Typically, it is understood that people in different parts of the world have different cultures, views, and simply a different lifestyle. For instance, it would not be expected that people from Italy and the USA, to listen to the same music or wear the same types of clothes. Though they might share some similarities, they can be differentiated from a group of people. The reason that people might not share mostly same similarities with other people from other parts of the world, is because those connections are weak ties. The connections that they have with people who are also from Italy, are strong ties. Therefore within their own clusters of strong ties, they easily share views among each other. And with their weak ties in the USA, they do not share the same views among each other.

However despite this, hip-hop which originated in the USA, has spread around the world. Particularly, hip-hop has spread to Italy; this did take long for it to happen. The reason why it did not spread so fast in Italy was because the same information was spreading among them. Then one Italian and an American, whom have a strong tie between each other, shared novel information among each other. This novel information, being hip hop, thus was able to spread among more Italians (more people in Italy with weak ties to the USA altogether influenced this new behavior in Italy). As a result, this “new thing”, became “integrated into their own local situation.”(Neer, 2016). As discussed in class, the primary reason for this was due to initially weak ties, and then strong ties. Then the strong ties reached a threshold that was significant enough to spread the new genre of hip hop (similarly like a cascade model) to other strong ties. Additionally, this process continues to have USA information reach other parts of the world.


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