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Image Search, more ways to find web pages on the World Wise Web


Today Ebay launched an image search tool alongside their text search tool. Ebay is by no means the first major website to launch such tool as web pages such as Amazon, Google, Pinterest, and Wayfair have already launched image search tool. Alongside this tool, Ebay also launched a another search tool which allows linking to Ebay from any form of social platform. A person can browse through the web, find an image of something they want, then share it to ebay to find a list of similar item listings. Although tools such as these make searching certain things easier, it may not be the best method of finding an item someone may want to buy – the reason being that most likely, the customers usually want exactly the product which the picture may show not some that is visually similar to the image. Therefore the effectiveness and the usefulness of this tool cannot be determined just yet.

This new tool launched by Ebay recently and have been in use for other portal sites has a clear connection to the world wide web and web page linkages. This provides more methods of how the search listings can be generated. Each listings through text search tools, depending on the keywords provide both an order of authority of webpages as well as a market for advertisement slots. The images will inevitably go through the same market scenario. Advertisers will buy certain advertisement slots on the search engines depending on images instead of keywords. This topic links directly to the topics covered in class about search engines and the search result listings. But also in the mathematical approach, if these images are to be linked to certain keywords, the number of clicks of each slots may be increased since there are now more ways where a certain keyword may be looked up. And the increase in average number of clicks per slot, which will ultimately change the prices which the advertisers will need to pay to the search engines.


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