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Art Auction Etiquette and the Corrupt Art Market

The economy of fine art is a ravenous one, with famous pieces, fresh young artists, and fabulous wealth gobbled up by droves of auctioneers and sellers the world over. But no section of this economy is as scary and cutthroat as the in-house auction. These are the places where some of the most famous art […]

Improving Google’s PageRank using Quantum Models One way researchers attempt to improve the PageRank algorithm implemented by Google is by tweaking the random walk process used. Breaking down the entires searchable internet into a series of nodes and links results in a lot of geometrically ugly structures that are difficult to traverse. This network has no definite structure so randomly […]

PageRank and Search Engine Optimization

I find it interesting connecting what we have learned in class about how search engines prioritize search results using PageRank using the hub authority computation, with SEO (search engine optimization). In the last exercise of Homework 4, we touched on this subject. If you are intending to create a website, and you want to maximize […]

Game Theory Applied to the Nuclear Standoff Between the USA and North Korea The author of this article from explains how the current tensions between the USA and North Korea can be modeled using game theory. The current political climate between these two nations is one of escalating bluster. Both sides continue to posture and threaten increasing militaristic action. The author of this piece describes how […]

Pagerank and Extinction: How Google’s algorithm is being used to analyze Ecosystems

Every year, a disturbing amount of species around the globe go extinct, and despite our vast technological progress, there has been very little progress in stopping this extinction epidemic. One strategy has been trying to target species that many other species are dependent on: species which either prey on a multitude of others, or are […]

What is Reverse SEO? Reverse Search Engine Optimization is used when an individual or organization wants to lower the search engine visibility of a web page that they do not control, like negative online reviews or content. According to the above article, “there are two basic ways of doing this: removal and suppression. Completely removing negative online content is, of […]

Information Cascade in Meme Culture

Every day we make numerous decisions that are highly influenced by others. Although we may not realize, these decisions are often influenced by those of others to the extent that we ignore our own opinion and follow the “herd” of society. The theoretical literature on “herding” pertains to situations where people with private, incomplete information […]

Market-Clearing Prices and India’s Price Ceiling On Uber Rides

There has been a constant debate around whether or not Uber prices in India, Uber’s second biggest market, should be limited during peak times. Over a year ago, India’s government decided to enact legislation that allowed major cities to limit surge pricing, which occurs when demand for Uber drivers is high. This resulted in supply-demand […]

The Game Theory Behind Trump and North Korea

Link:   The above article discusses the game theoretic considerations of Trump and his behavior concerning North Korea. The article compares this behavior with that of Richard Nixon after being elected and beginning the Vietnam war. Nixon employed the infamous “Madman Theory,”  in which he tried to appear as a madman, or more specifically, threatened […]

What happens when Google bids on its own ad slots? While Google’s main source of revenue maybe advertising, Google, and its parent company, Alphabet, also sell a variety of other products. One example is the Pixel, and Android smartphone sold by Google. So what happens if a user of Google’s search engine is looking for a new phone and searches Google with the keywords: […]

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