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Meme: The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is on the Second Page of Google Search Results

The online ad network Chitika estimated that the google top search receives 33% of the traffic, a figure that drastically reduces to about 2.6% at the tenth position. More interesting is the fact that 92% of the traffic always goes to the first page of Google’s search results. In fact, Chitika estimates that less than 6% of people ever do click the second page. We learnt in class about the intricacies involved in arriving to a page rank, but even with such a useful feature (this is what has made Google what it is) as this is, one might wonder, are we missing something?

With an incredible number of sources of information, it is befuddling to think that 10 pages (top search results) could hold the most credible pieces of information, were subjectivity permissible. Even with speculation on Google’s page rank algorithms, the effect of the already established pages will be compounded, hence the possibility of them always being the top ranked, the methodology notwithstanding. This results in an effect akin to the widening gap between the rich and the poor. All the traffic, and perhaps revenue, will be centered at the top, and in this case very top, giving a gap that’s impossible to bridge.

The Google Algorithm which is credited to have built the massive innovative company by providing the best possible search results has functioned to create an average of 10 giants per search query of over a hundred million (assuming no repetitions). From a consumer’s point of view, however, I’d rather have this orderly ‘capitalism’ than the alternative that I’d hate to imagine.


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