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Welcome to the Networks Blog (Fall 2017) and How to Post

Welcome to the course blog for INFO 2040! This is a course which will explore how the social, technological, and natural worlds are connected, and how the study of networks sheds light on these connections.

Topics include: how opinions, fads, and political movements spread through society; the robustness and fragility of food webs and financial markets; and the technology, economics, and politics of Web information and on-line communities.

The content on this blog is viewable by the public. However, only the course staff and enrolled students are allowed to post to this blog. All students enrolled in this course are required to participate in updating this blog. Each student enrolled in the Networks course must make three blog posts as part of their course grade.

The guidelines and schedule for blog posting can be found on the course web page at blog post guidelines

To register and start posting:

Step 1: Get a Cornell Blogs account. To do this, click the “Log In” link on the upper left corner of this page, and log in using your Cornell NetID.

Step 2: Set up your profile, including selecting a nickname. In keeping with course privacy guidelines, no student will be required to make their true identity public as part of this activity. Students are strongly encouraged to use a nickname when posting or commenting.

Step 3: Request permission to post articles to the blog by emailing our co-Head TA Fikri Pitsuwan ( with “INFO 2040 Post Permission Request – (Your NetID)” as the subject. Note that you cannot be added as an author unless you have already registered (Step 1). Also note that you will not receive a notification that you have been added as an author, but will generally be added within a few hours (a maximum of 48). You can post after that.

Step 4: To create a new post, navigate to this page, log in, and then click the “+ New” link at the top of this page.

The interface for updating this blog is fairly straightforward, but if you have problems (or you have any other questions regarding this blog) feel free to email Fikri.


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