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Spotify’s Music Recommendation In class we discussed the importance of recommendation systems as they are essential to many markets and is pivotal to many companies success such as Amazon’s e-Market, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, and many other platforms. Many of these companies have distinct methods and algorithms to conduct their recommendations, usually which require hundreds upon hundreds of […]

Google and Ranking

There has been news of two Google algorithm updates that would have a big impact on how Google ranks websites and content. One of them is called Penguin 4.0. It serves to identify sites that try to game the search results in order to boost their own rankings. Penguin, in turn, punishes these sites in […]

Matching Markets and Ticket Sales — The Return of Brady

One thing that sports fans are all too familiar with are high ticket prices. Watching sports in person is never an inexpensive endeavor, especially when it comes to especially high-profile games. Unless you are a season ticket holder or buy tickets well in advance, getting tickets to an important match-up can be extremely expensive, if […]

The foods we buy and eat and Information Cascade

You go to the grocery market. I don’t know where you usually browse, or if you browse at all; but, you will see words, symbols, colors, and fonts. Unless you are strictly in the part of the produce section where the fruits and vegetables are laying bare, you will see all sorts of foods packaged. […]

The Scary Future of Google Advertising Capabilities

The eerie future of AdWords targeting   The mechanisms search engines such as Google and Facebook use are down-right creepy. So many times I have found after online shopping for a pair of boots I really want but decide not to buy, that these items soon reappear on my Facebook feed, asking me to give […]

Blog Post 2: Search Engine Optimization

Jack Evitts Networks 10/24/16 Blog Post 2 Link to source: The article that I chose for the second blog post, is titled “What Google Doesn’t Want You to Hear About Link-Building for SEO.”  The author, Jayson DeMers, approaches a problem that many websites have, boosting their rankings on Google’s search engine.  DeMers discusses two […]

Information Cascade in Politics

Information cascade is a common effect that can occur without realization. For example, we can observe some instances when we are accused of, or accuse others of “joining the bandwagon.” People are said to “join the bandwagon” when they follow a popular viewpoint regardless if that is their true viewpoint. Herding, or information cascade occurs as individuals abandon their own information […]

Twitter and the Second-Price Auction

After analyzing types of auctions in class, I decided to research Twitter’s auction system for advertisers. Before discussing the auction system, it is noteworthy to understand that ads on Twitter are promoted by being posted directly into user’s Twitter feeds, and typically link to the company’s Twitter account. Advertisers choose a campaign objective for their […]

Recommendation Systems

We talked in class today about how networks can be used to form a model of recommendations.  Indeed, the ability to predict an individual’s preferences about an item has become an increasingly important in the world of online content providers.  For instance, video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime rely on being able […]

Facebook vs. Google

Link: In class, we learned about two of the most well-known auction mechanisms for online ads—VCG and GSP. Both systems have been adopted by top companies in the online universe perhaps, most notably, Facebook (VCG) and Google (GSP). When comparing their effectiveness, Ron Berman, a professor at the Wharton School of Business, makes an […]

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