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Cinemad’s Correlation to Information Networks

Our most recent in class lectures have largely been focused on the concept of information networks. In these networks, the basic units connected are fragments of information, and links join these parts of information that are similar, and in someway related to one another. The topic most related to this network is the World Wide […]

Second Price Auction with Google AdWords

We see advertisements everywhere and one of the most prominent ads is Google AdWords. Google AdWords are the small ads at the top of the screen that you see whenever you make a search on Google. So we know what these are, but how do they work and how are they sold to clients? It […]

Google News launches fact check label Nowadays we live in a world in which information is easy to obtained. With the invention of Internet, people no longer need to depend on books or each other for knowledge. Instead one can just open up Google, type in the key words and get the results. However, one huge problem with the easily […]

Blackberry and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

It is hard to see how “bargaining power in networks” can be applied in real life. When I searched for “bargaining power” in a different language, I did not get many results on bargaining power, but instead, I ended up finding Porter’s Five Forces analysis. Bargaining power is part of Porter’s Five Forces analysis. As […]

Potential Google Autocomplete Bias

Over the past few months, there have been a number of accusations against Google, as well as the media in general of favoring Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump.  One recent example is Andrew Napolitano’s assertion that Google fails to autocomplete phrases such as “Hillary Clinton crime” or “Hillary Clinton arrest” when […]

Fantasy Football Auction Drafts

In Fantasy Football players of the game “draft” real NFL players within their own league in an effort to make a roster that produces the most points. Players of the game (team owners) get points based on how the real players they drafted perform and the stats they produce. One form of drafting is known […]

Walmart and Network Theory

Article: This piece discusses the causes and effects of Walmart’s recent initiative to increase employee wages and strengthen its training methods. After noticing low worker productivity, a startling 16% store satisfaction rate, receiving complaints from investors, and dealing with worries surrounding retail competitors, America’s largest employer reevaluated and remodeled its ineffective policies. The average […]

How to Use Knowledge of Search Engines to Get a Batter Search Ranking PageRank is the method by which search engines, such as Google, use to order web pages during a search. It is of interest to businesses, organizations, and even private people who publish web pages to understand how PageRank works, and therefore how to increase their rank for certain web searches. “3 ways to improve […]

How Digital Networks Will Deliver Next-Generation Law Enforcement

Link: This article talks about how digital networks will deliver next-generation law enforcement tactics and improve citizen safety. The author states that with the integration of digitization and law enforcement with body-worn sensors, body cameras, and vehicle tracking networks the consolidation of this information will be result in a more timely and appropriate response by […]

Closing the Seine right bank

A bitter controversy arose after Mayor Anne Hidalgo planned to close the road parallel to the right bank of the Seine river in order to improve air quality and reduce traffic. Oppositions include the motorist groups and the right wing. The motorist groups accused the socialist administration of a “vendetta against drivers”. The right wing […]

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