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Positive and Negative Relationships with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West

Two nights ago, Kanye West was headlining “The Meadows” concert.  He had to abruptly leave mid-performance.  That seems like a strange way to start a Networks blog post.  The entire celebrity-drama-filled situation is a perfect example of positive and negative relations in current events.

I assume not everyone keeps up with the Kardashians or is an avid reader of TMZ, so I will summarize the situation.  Kim Kardashian West was on vacation in Paris.  When she was alone in her apartment in the Eight Arrondissement, two men tied her up and held her at gun point.  They robbed her and took approximately nine million dollars’ worth of luxurious jewelry.  The two men escaped with at least three accomplices.

Kanye West, husband of Kim Kardashian West, was the main attraction of a concert in New York on Sunday October 2nd.  In the middle of the concert he had to end the show and suddenly left.  This left tens of thousands of people outraged.  They paid to see this concert and the headliner deserted them.

Even though I clarified and told the story, it is still hard to interpret this and find a relationship to Networks.  This entire situation when placed on a graph displays a balanced graph.  For starters there is a positive relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West: they are married with children and Mr. West left his own concert to support his wife.  Secondly, there are negative relationships between Mrs. Kardashian-West and the two attackers and the three accomplices.  There are also positive relationships between all of the attackers and accomplices.  Mr. West’s ex-fans, who paid a lot of money to see him not expecting an early exist, now have a negative view and relationship with him.  All of the fans, though, have positive relationships with each other; they are bonding over their tremendous loss of money that they paid to see their favorite performer.

Overall, these connections are balanced and when put together create a balanced graph.  Who knew celebrity news could relation to Networks?

I drew an example of this balanced graph.  The link is below.



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