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Information Cascades in Online Shopping – What should I buy?

Nowadays, you can basically do anything online — order food, shop for clothing, pay bills, etc. While shopping online, it’s safe to say that people typically read the reviews before purchasing the item (especially if the said item is on the higher-priced range). In this article, the author mentions that “if they do not have enough […]

“Power Laws Rule Everything Around Me:” Distribution of Venture Capital Returns (With a quote from In this article, Jerry Neumann looks at one of the reasons why venture capital (VC) is such a challenging industry to succeed in. Many prominent entrepreneurs and venture capitalists assert that VC returns are distributed according to a power law. As Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz points out, each year, […]

The Glow of 24-Karat Gold Jewelry

This article talks about the appeal of a specific style and color of 24-karat gold in the Chinese market and how Lao Feng Xiang believes it can spread that appeal to western markets. The Shanghai-based gold company recently opened its first store in the United States last year. A company spokesman reasoned, “I think if […]

Cascades, Direct Benefits, and the Death of a Service

You’ve probably heard of Spotify.  You’ve very likely also heard of Pandora Radio.  And there’s a pretty good chance you’ve at least heard of the name Rdio.  Of course, there’s also a very good chance that you’ve only ever really used (or considered using) two of them.  In fact, this has actually led to Rdio’s […]

Information Cascades: Explains the Fragility of the Economy

The dynamics of information cascades are exhibited by the trend that people tend to follow other people despite the lack of supporting evidence for such action. An information cascade can cause the most stable economy to fall or the most unstable economy to thrive. There are several ways that can happen. For example, if one influential […]

Following Friends vs. the Crowd – Information Cascades in Online Movie Ratings

Information cascades, the idea of following the crowd and joining in its behavior regardless of one’s own private information/signals, is a concept that has been widely explored in the context of the social media revolution. However, recently, researchers have explored the application of information cascades with respect to user behavior when submitting online movie ratings, […]

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