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Yahoo/Google Ad Deal and Matching Markets

Yahoo recently announced a new advertising partnership with Google at the same time as it announced lagging third quarter profits. The deal states that Yahoo will be able to display ads from Google’s advertisers on its own search result pages and will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by clicks on these ads. Additionally, […]

Game Theory in Tic Tac Toe

I initially thought about writing my blog post on game theory in chess, but then I realized that chess is extremely complicated and would require multiple essays to explain. So, I went down a few notches in complexity and picked tic tac toe! The beauty of game theory is that while it can be used […]

Expensive Search Terms

I was shocked to hear in lecture that Google can charge up to $60 per click on certain ads.  How could a click cost as much as a family dinner? How could 100 clicks be worth as cheap car?  Many huge companies get the majority of their business through internet searches, and for them, the […]

Spotify and a songs value to a playlist

This article explores Spotify’s search for the perfect playlist using the data they obtain through their service about how people feel about each song they place on the playlist. They update their playlists weekly and the playlist arranger on the Spotify side uses the number of listens and skips to determine the songs fate on […]

Computers used to “solve” two-person, limit Texas hold’em

The article speaks about the progress computers have made when beating humans in certain games. These games that the computers have been so good at are called “perfect information game,” where both players know everything about the game. Whereas, “imperfect information games” are ones where players have info that their opponents don’t, such as card […]

Sit Back and Relax- Programmatic Advertising

In lecture, we’ve discussed how auctions play a huge role in the assignment of advertisement slots to the advertising companies. So far, our scenarios have involved a set of companies, a set of slots, and various prices and click rates. However, not much attention has been given to how these companies enter an auction or […]

Using game theory to inform medical decisions

In the medical field, physicians are required to make choices regarding patient treatment, often involving uncertain outcomes. The article “Playing doctor: Application of game theory to medical decision-making” discusses the use of game theory to rationally analyze a given situation and assess the optimal treatment method for a maximized outcome. Using the example of progressive […]

Increasing the robustness of Internet backbone

As we had learned in class recently, the Internet can be modeled as a giant graph network. In this case, the network has nodes being interconnection switching and routing center and edges being the physical fiber optic connections between these routing centers. The project Predict by University of Wisconsin and Department of Homeland Security involved mapping […]

Ugh, another Video Ad?!

As if physical and televised advertisements wasn’t annoying, but YouTube has always had ads either on the side of their website, or at the beginning of each video you watch. In this article, it talks about how effective video advertisements are. They are effective because video ads track the location and user behavior to make […]

Facebook vs. Google: which auction is the best?

Everyone knows that there are a lot of people who use Facebook daily. With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook demands a large amount of web traffic, where a lot of the time is spent on the news feed, scrolling through stories. In a similar vein, Google commands the top spot on the list of […]

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