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Prisoner’s Dilemma Applied To Drug Hoarding

The prisoner’s dilemma can be applied to a variety of situations, and generally the dilemma is between which of the two people can benefit most from a certain strategy. However, an interesting factor to consider is how both individuals’ choices can have an overall impact on the world, rather than just each other. In the […]

Game Theory and the GOP primaries

This article outlines what voter behavior will likely entail in the lead-up to the 2016 GOP primaries. The author talks in particular about voter strategy. Many voters will favor certain candidates based on which views they agree with about the said candidate. However, many will vote strategically. Instead of voting for the candidate that they like, […]

Game Theory and Elections

Why does U.S. government adopted a two party system? The constitution never stated that way. However, Game theory principles predicts that voting system gravitates towards a two party system. Now let us shift our attention to the 2016 presidential race. Because of the highly polarized structure of the U.S. politics. We have a pretty even […]

Braess Paradox   The Braess Paradox says that while adding streets to uncongested traffic networks does decrease average individual travel times, adding a street to a congested traffic network does not always decrease travel times. The reason for this is that the street typically is connecting two congested streets, which means it will cause congestion at […]

The global outbreak of Ebola: Why there can be only one component in a global Network The outbreak of Ebola epidemic 2014 summer is a great example of a disease contact Network. As we trace back the route that the Ebola get spread throughout West Africa, Europe, and the U.S, it is shocking how the virus from a 2-year old in a small village of Guinea ended up being a […]

The Various Levels of Tie Strength on a Facebook Network To say that the two months I spent interning at Facebook were informative would be an understatement. I learned so much about computer science and the company culture and, to this day, am still finding new uses for the knowledge I picked up on one of their campuses. However, my biggest regret is […]

Game Theory in Poker

While poker is a complex game with many variables and strategies, one aspect can be modeled as a mixed-strategy game: bluffing. This article from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University discusses optimal bluffing strategy through the lens of game theory. Say a player has 2 options: bluff or don’t bluff, in which the […]

The Evolution of Friendships in Chinese Online Social Networks and the Strong Triadic Closure   This article, titled “The Evolution of Friendships in Chinese Online Social Networks”, examines the evolution of friendships in a Chinese social network site called Douban, and finds out what factor causes strong friendships the most. The study looks at several factors, such as membership in the same discussion group, sharing common friends, and […]

Game Theory and Equilibrium in Fantasy Football Drafting

As the NFL season begins, many people are obsessing over their new fantasy football lineups. Using Game Theory to dictate one’s drafting strategy could have given these people a serious lead over their competition. Many people claim that practicing the draft many times with random people will help them gain the most responsive strategy. However, […]

Stolen Content on Facebook In this recent news article, complications regarding Facebook’s video-sharing service are explored; specifically, how Facebook lacks an effective prevention method for stolen video content. The problem seems to be very prevalent on Facebook, with the article stating that many of the most popular videos across the service were actually stolen and re-uploaded. Facebook seemingly […]

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