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Phoenix Interstate 10 Shootings

Since August 29th, there has been 11 shootings that have taken place on a stretch of Interstate 10 in Arizona. From the police reports, it appears that the victims were chosen randomly. At first, it was reported that these incidents were due to one individual and now recent reports seem to indicate otherwise. Frank Milstead, Public Safety Director from the Arizona Department, publicly announced that there may actually be 3 shooters. Currently, authorities have Oscar de la Torre Munoz in custody as the “person of interest”.

Having someone is custody is a big step for the police as this person is likely to have connections to the other shooters. The police can arm themselves with the Prisoner’s Dilemma in order to extract information from the “person of interest”. Although there is currently not another player to pit Munoz against, the police can still use the prospect of another “Prisoner” (this works against Munoz because he is held in custody on other chargers currently).

It is possible for the police to claim that if Munoz confesses (whether the shooting or more information), he will face a lighter punishment for his crimes. Munoz is currently held on multiple traffic infractions including driving in criminal speeds and attempting to escape from law enforcement. And if he doesn’t and a prospective “Prisoner” says that Munoz is involved, Munoz could be charged of accessory or even of the full sentence (which may be a heavier sentence) depending on what the “Prisoner” claims. In this case, the Police can still gather information from him based on principles from game theory. This scenario has the potential to work well because of Munoz’s multiple previous run-ins with the law.



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