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Changing Nash Equilibrium in NBA Free Agency

This past round of free agency marks the beginning of a significant change in business. The catalyst for this is the soaring salary cap. Grantland’s Zach Lowe reports that the cap will jump from 67 million this year, to 90 million next year, to 108 million the year after. In a sense, this makes what […]

Networks, Tech, and the Changing Market

At a recent Apple conference, almost everyone was shocked by a surprise guest nobody would have expected: Microsoft.  Why is this surprising?  As The Verge points out, Microsoft has not been to an Apple conference in years.  Even though they have cooperated in the past, the two have kept their product lines largely separate from […]

Mapping Terrorist Networks

Controversy sparked when Americans learned the NSA has been collecting metadata of phone records of people across the country, with the government’s approval. Despite this public outage, the information collected could assist in counterterrorism efforts through methods of social network analysis. Network scientist Valdis Krebs published a paper explaining how to map terrorist networks efficiently […]

The AIDS Disease Network

A graph is something which contains nodes and pairs of nodes are connected by edges. One aspect of real life that can be mapped by a graph is the network created by Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS). Since the outbreak of AIDS in the 1980’s there has been much attention […]

Sustainability and Games

I don’t usually care much for politics, except for when the issue of the environment comes up. Then, I really care. Even skeptics of global warming have to admit that whatever’s coming out of a car’s tailpipe is not something healthy for humans or the planet we live on, at the very least. I came […]

Flight Cancellations and Their Global Effects

Last week, the German airline company Lufthansa cancelled more than 1,000 flights due to an ongoing pilot strike that marked the 13th of its kind in the past 18 months. Lufthansa’s pilots have been fighting for better pay and pensions, and, more specifically, for their right to receive a pension even if they retire early, […]

An Analysis of the network structure of Quora

Paper link:   Quora is a question-and-answer website combining attributes of social network applications such as Facebook, Twitter and some other websites that are based on user voting up content. The co-founders of Quora are two former Facebook employees, who aim at establishing a Q&A site that is really good. Hence they combine what they […]

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