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Man vs. Machine: On the Road Edition

  Self-driving cars: whether you’re for or against them, they’ve started to attract quite a bit of attention in the media’s eyes. It seems that every major player, from Google to Toyota, has their hat in the ring when it comes to automobile automation, and this somewhat strange mix of software giants and car manufacturers […]

A Diverse Twitter Network Can Generate Better Ideas

In a world where innovation is a driving force of the economy, companies actively look for good ideas from their employees. Through multiple studies, it has been shown that the diverseness of one’s social network is directly related to that person’s innovativeness. In today’s world, those social networks are maintained through online platforms such as Twitter. […]

Social Media & the Corporate Sphere

  The Evolution of Corporations in Social Media   The research document that I looked at is called the “Top 10 Social Media Research Studies for Public Relations Professionals,” which was written by the Institute for Public Relations. This article looked at how social media has impacted the professional world, which is a topic that […]

Social Networks in Music: Spotify The streaming service Spotify is centered around the social aspect of music. It is designed so that most people link their Facebook account with their Spotify account so that they automatically have a large social network. They recently revamped their application so that it is significantly easier to utilize the social features. It […]

Are All Networks The Same?

  In today’s technologically driven world, many people are focused on using web-based relationships as the new way of increasing their success. More specifically, owners of businesses are interested in converting their web-based relationships with consumers and their cultivated consumer networks into realizable web traffic, marketable brand awareness, and sales dollars. But, in what many […]

The Tragedy of the Commons in California

In 1968, Garrett Hardin wrote an article concerning “the tragedy of the commons.” This is the idea that a group of people will spoil a commonly shared resource. The classic example uses a group of farmers that share grazing land for their animals. Initially they may use the land sustainably. The farmers move their herds […]

Game theory and oil prices

    2015 has been a win for American consumers. With oil prices the cheapest they have been in 7 years, the average American is saving $800 dollars on gas this year.  While a weak global economy is fueling some of the decrease, behind the low oil prices lies a deep standoff between OPEC, an organization whose members include […]

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects, excluding computers and phones, that are embedded with hardware that allows them to connect with one another over the internet. These connected devices include the objects that you interact with everyday. Two areas where IoT has tremendous potential to improve the overall quality of life […]

The Telecommunications Sector and Social Network Analysis An old dog, the telecommunications sector, is learning a new trick, social network analysis (SNA). Social network analysis has actually been around for about 80 years, but only recently have companies started to realize the great potential associated with utilizing this type of analysis. A common misconception of SNA is that it is performed using social […]

How Videos Go Viral

In the past 10 or so years social media has become a huge part in the lives of almost everyone. Whether it’s you interacting with your friends or a way for you to get news, learn more about music and other industries. The ease of the Internet has made a large amount of knowledge very […]

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