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Video Games and Social Networks

Video games have become a huge part of modern culture. Anyone can play video games: male or female, young or old. It has become a method that allows friends to strengthen their relationships. Not only does it give people something to bond over while actually hanging out, but also, the advent of online gaming has allowed for so many more opportunities for people to become closer even if they cannot physically be together. Moving is a frequent part of a person’s life. Sometimes moving means that they will be separated from old friends. Online gaming, however, is an easy way in which friends can stay in contact. Furthermore, studies have stated that people who play video games for the purpose of bonding with friends, end up having a stronger social network than others.

Some online games even encourage players to receive help from others, thus amplifying the possibility for players to make new online friends. In games such as League of Legends, players must work in groups in order to win. Players must communicate plans and strategies in order to win, and as they play, they befriend some of their teammates. Studies have stated that 54% of teens play video games with someone whom they have only met online. By making friends online, people have the opportunity to make friends from all the way across the globe, expanding their own social network incredibly by creating a local bridge between the two components. The opportunity to meet others through online gaming greatly reduces the change of there being two separate components. The impact of online gaming is so widely seen, that the ability to play online with people is no longer limited to computers, but is also available on consoles; for instance, Nintendo’s Wii U includes the capability in games such as Mario Kart, where players have the option to compete with others from all over the globe.


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