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The Stock Market

Over the summer, I gained an interest for stocks, so much so I actually went out to buy some with an app that doesn’t charge any commision. I did this without a full understanding of what actually affects prices. I don’t fully have a grasp on what influences prices(no one does), but i can say […]

What to believe?

In the present day and age, people are relying more and more on the internet as the go-to information network for true and accurate information. It’s faster and more readily available than other media such as television, radio and newspaper. When people are uncertain about a fact or some other piece of information, they’ll typically […]

Keeping Ties Strong in the South Korean Military

Contact from military members to their family and friends at home is sporadic at best. Nowadays, with most personal news shared by online social networks and by phone or text message, even temporary access removal will lead to weakening of the links to home. Until recently the South Korean military had completely forbidden servicemen and women […]

Spotify, Social Networks, and Music Discovery

Founded in Sweden in 2006, Spotify emerged as a leader in the music streaming service industry and has remained so amidst a growing war between alternate services such as Pandora, Apple Music and Tidal. As Jessica Edmondson claims in her article, “How Social Media and Streaming Have Influenced the Music Industry”, music streaming in general […]

Networks Are What Make Social Media Valuable

Last week, Instagram announced that it will now allow users to post photos of any size. This move has gathered criticism, since the limitation to square photos was a defining characteristic of the service. Many are concerned that Instagram is losing part of the charm that made it popular in the first place. However, as […]

Representing The World

There is order and hierarchy everywhere. As far as we know, it started with Aristotle — his concept of ontology classified everything in the world into binaries: material or immaterial, living or non-living, human or animal. This classification system soon morphed into categorical branches on ‘Porphyrian trees’, which elucidates a myriad of things from morality to consanguinity […]

Computers can now paint like Van Gogh and Picasso Computers have now learned how to paint in the styles of the most famous painters with the advancement of machine learning. Researchers have developed a system that will interpret the styles of the painters and convert digital photographs into paintings of those styles. The system incorporates a deep artificial neural which finds certain patterns […]

It’s Not Who You Know, But How Much You Pay

In November of 2014, Facebook publicly announced that they would restrict the throughput of content updates from brands on the social network via its News Feed algorithm. Then, in April of this year, they announced further changes to News Feed that would place greater priority on content posted by friends of users and the pages […]

Uber Connected

Ever since its debut, the online taxi app has had a very polarized reputation. Some love the convenience it brings to traveling, with prices that can be lower than using a taxi, while others refuse to trust it due to its nature of employing anyone with a license who’s willing to give somebody a lift, […]

Relationships in the Middle East

Source: The above visualization examines the relationships between various parties concerning the Middle East, with the nodes as key players in the events and the connections representing strong positive ties, weak positive ties, strong negative ties, and weak negative ties. The edges in the graph surpass the ones covered in class in complexity, as […]

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