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Twitter Utilizes Ad Network to Share Promoted Material


As described in this recent CNBC article, social media giant Twitter announced that it will grant its advertisers the ability to share their content, including videos and, of course, tweets, to a network of more than 700 million people contained in MoPub. MoPub was acquired by Twitter over two years ago and is a mobile advertising network that extends beyond Twitter itself—the network also feeds content to popular entertainment apps, including Candy Crush and Slack. This announcement will greatly and positively impact the companies with which Twitter has a relationship, especially since these advertisers’ networks have now expanded from a roughly 300 million person audience (each being individual nodes in their audience networks) to more than double—namely, to the previously mentioned 700 million node network in MoPub. Ameet Ranadive, senior director of revenue product at Twitter, explained this expansion: “We’re seeing such demand from marketers to run more video campaigns and get more reach… it’s about delivering additional value for advertisers; now they can come to one place and with a single click extend those campaigns.”

Twitter’s entire premise with this new advertising method is to make it easier for marketers to send their promoted content through a massive network of users across various mobile apps, not just Twitter itself (which, as it probably goes without saying, is pretty massive in and of itself). This way, users are blasted with promoted content from a variety of sources, all linking back to Twitter itself.

This is a prime example of how social networks and their vastness have become are so pertinent in our online lives. With the rise of social networks, the flow of information has become constantly accessible and users of these networks, including and especially Twitter, are inundated with news at every turn. As such, the way we communicate has obviously changed—that is, it is much easier to reach a huge amount of people almost immediately and whenever needed. Because of this, Twitter’s plan to team up with MoPub is very smart and strategic marketing. Twitter is taking advantage of the fact that its combined efforts with MoPub can create a massive network and effectively spread the content they want to spread to millions of people in an instant—and this is, arguably, from an advertisement perspective, one of the biggest benefits of social networks.


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