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The world has seen the increased presence of social media in our daily lives develop over the past several years. In addition to Facebook, the popularity of social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram has greatly increased. One common thing across many forms of social media is the use of the hashtags. The hashtag/pound symbol is now used to tag keywords and phrases in order to tracks topics, conversations, and trends in social media.

In the 1980s, the hashtag symbol was used to categorize items with similar content into groups. Today, hashtags are still used in the same way, but they did not become popular until they were introduced on Twitter in 2007 with the idea of grouping similar items. In 2007, the #sandiegofire was used on Twitter to update people on the state of the fires in San Diego and since then hashtags have become increasingly popular. Hashtags that are “trending” mean that they are very popular and are used by many people on all forms of social media.

Hashtags are related to many of the networks concepts that have been discussed in lecture. The concept of “trending topics” is used to track popular searches and topics among all social media users. In addition, people can search by hashtag in order to receive results directly related to the hashtag they used. When searching by hashtag, they can easily find other people’s profiles that they might not have otherwise found without searching by the hashtag. Hashtags are also used to promote brand loyalty and to keep track of customers and followers. Hashtags can also be used similarly to click-through to track popularity of a search.



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