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The Problem with Google…

PageRank, conceived and named after Larry Page, is an algorithm that is used by Google that ranks websites in their search results. It does this by analyzing how many links point to a specific website and the value of those links. Websites that take advantage of keyword rich content on their sites tended to garner […]

The Future of PageRank

Article: The Future of PageRank: 13 Experts on the Dwindling Value of the Link PageRank has a rich history, dating back to the 1950’s. It became a reality in 1998 when a new company called Google employed the theory as a search engine. We all know what happened after. After more than 15 years, Google […]

Search Engine Optimization and Small Businesses This article provides recommendations for businesses to maximize the benefits they receive from Google searches and other search engines. This is referred to as SEO; search engine optimization. Depending on the type of business a company runs changes how their SEO strategy will be affected. Many problems arise when businesses do not choose a […]

Bayes’ Theorem in the Current Ebola Outbreak The article above is written by Associate Professor Dr. Jason Kissner of California State University about the Ebola outbreak. Claims are made that U.S. government is lying about important aspects regarding the outbreak. Two main arguments result from the article: the idea that the current strain of Ebola involved in the outbreak is more […]

Herding in Venture Capitalism

The amount of money poured into startups is astounding, yet it is not completely certain if it is a bubble. Investments are increasing but they are not close to the levels of the dot com bubble. The first article I came across was from TechCrunch which pointed out that the level of investments we see […]

Emotion in the Ultimatum Game

Sources: A few weeks ago, the web-comic, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, or SMBC, posted a comic about the Ultimatum Game. A hypothetical situation used by psychologists to gauge decision making. The game is set up as such: there are two people and 100 dollars. One person makes an offer for a way to […]

Conformity and Game Theory in the War on Drugs

Over the past few years, the War on Drugs has been in a very controversial state. Both sides of the debate have strong support but proponents of legalization are clearly coming out ahead. Currently, 23 states and Washington DC have legalized the use of medical cannabis, and after voting yesterday, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C […] Connecting the Unconnected

The economy has changed drastically over the past century, especially after the emergence of the internet. We used to live in a world that was resource based – people exchanged goods and services based on physical ownership. Now we live in an economy that is knowledge based. Knowledge and information are the goods exchanged and […]

Information Cascades causing turmoil in Europe   Information cascades are when a person observes the actions of others and then—despite possible contradictions in his/her own private information signals—engages in the same acts.  The article talks about how the stock market is the prime example of an information cascade. “Essentially, the stock price became a freelance entity divorced from any semblance of corporate fundamentals. […]

John Whitman Blog Post #2

Link: The article I chose to analyze is titled “Facebook Ads Become Costlier Choice for Small Businesses.” This piece was written by Sarah Needleman, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, a respected source for world and financial news both in the United States in abroad. The primary theme of the article describes Facebook […]

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