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Why Every Student Should Study Networks

If you read any article on how to advance in your career, it’s a wonder that a course like networks isn’t mandatory for every college graduate. Most career advice will tell you what to do, but not why. And even if they explain why, they usually stop at something like, “it’s good for your reputation.” […]

Marriage and Game Theory

Game theory is applicable to numerous situations. From the North Korea crisis to soccer penalty kicks to the ever so studied prisoner’s dilemma, game theoretic situations have been used to model decision making. It turns out game theory can be applied to marriages and relationships as well. One might question how, but once explained, in […]

Ice Bucket Challenge – Game Theory

Source: From social networking sites, such as Facebook, to various online news distributors, whether it be the average man or a famous celebrity, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been publicized and promoted for several months. What’s interesting is how the Ice Bucket Challenge was interpreted in terms of the infamous Game Theory model of […]

Pakistan-India Game Theory

As we can see from all the blog posts on this webpage, the information we learn is not purely academic — it has applications to the real world. The India – Pakistan negotiations, like so many other events, can be modeled with the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Last month, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat down with Pakistan’s […]

Facebook Audience Network

  Over the past decade, online social networks have become ubiquitous. Companies such as Facebook, Google(Google+) and LinkedIn have used networks to facilitate the process of making relevant connections on the web.  On the other hand, companies like Twitter, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon have used networks to provide enriching content. These applications do a really good […]

Adrian Peterson Losing Sponsorship

Adrian Peterson Losing Sponsorship The NFL have suffered severe public relations issues with the Ray Rice I=incidence and lately with the Adrian Peterson child abuse allegations. According to the article, Adrian Peterson has been dropped by some of his biggest sponsors including Nike and Castrol motor oil, a unit of BP. These companies dropped their […]

Growing Importance of Virtual Trust

We all know that social media creates extensive networks that connect millions of people worldwide. However, how do these virtual links reflect real life connections? Virtual trust is growing. People are more willing to seek and take advice from other users online, whether they know them or not. For online shopping, 72% of people trust […]

Auctions in Fantasy Basketball

As a fan of basketball and the NBA throughout most of my childhood, I was intrigued when we learned about ascending English auctions in class and how it relates to fantasy basketball. With no psychological or emotional intentions in mind, there is a dominant strategy in ascending auctions to stay in until the value of […]

Living Game Theory

Recently in class we learned about Game Theory. Professor Peter Nonacs at UCLA has brought the concept of Game Theory to life, literally. Rather than teaching the theory solely out of a book, he decided to let his students experience it first hand. How you might ask? By letting them cheat on a test. First, […]

Network Analysis of Football Transfers

Each year millions of dollars are exchanged between football clubs across the world on transferring players permanently or on  loan. During the most recent transfer windows (which typically take place in the summer and winter months) the prices paid for players, and number of players transferred has rose astronomically and created a vast network between […]

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