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iPad Mini vs. Google Nexus 7 vs. Amazon Kindle Fire HD


These articles provide a fairly in depth comparison between Apple’s new iPad Mini, the Google Nexus 7, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.  Unlike the rest of the Apple collection, this new mini’s screen lacks its usual “crystal clarity” and its processor “easily fall[s]” to the Nexus 7.  For multi-taskers, the Android has a superior operating system because it is faster and more obvious and the notifications are better.  It is also only slightly lighter than the Nexus, by a mere ounce.  However, the mini uniquely offers a cellular option and comes with two cameras (front and rear facing).  In addition, it is thinner than the others and also comes in two colors as opposed to one.  On the other hand, with respect to price, the Apple iPad Mini’s most affordable option is $329 for 16GB. This contrasts significantly with the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD’s 16GB both for only $199.

At the same time they unleashed the iPad Mini, Apple also launched its 4th Generation iPad.  So why then did they come out with the iPad Mini?  With virtually every single one of their products at the top of the list, Apple knows they have a strong hold on the population.  From the iPhone to the Mac, their products are in high demand all around the world.  Looking at computers, most young adults opt to purchase a Mac over a PC. It is unlikely that every person that purchases a Mac actually devoted enough time and research in deciding which computer to buy.  Often, people will look at the brand and decide which they prefer.  This presents a cascading effect where a large group of people will make the same decision based on the majority or other people’s decisions.  There are two reasons an individual may want to follow the crowd: information-based and direct-benefit effect.   Information-based is when someone follows the crowd because the crowd’s decisions may convey unknown information.  Direct-Benefit effect is when being a part of a crowd has inherent value in itself.  Because of Apple’s influence in technology, devout Apple users will likely purchase the iPad Mini over another tablet simply because it is an Apple Product.  People will choose Apple products because their friends, family, or even because the general public all seem to have it.  Some non-Apple products may be better or more practical, but if all your friends are on FaceTime and iChat, then you will also want to be on those devices to be able to use the same applications even if they are unnecessary.  As explained in the articles, the main advantages of the iPad are the two cameras, its thinness, and selection of applications.  However, it is up to the individual to decide whether that is worth the extra $130.  Apple products are typically on the higher end of the price range, but keeping in touch with the current trends may outweigh the price gap in the long run.

– Storm


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