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Facebook Advertising

Facebook has always had those small “sponsors” and ads on the side of their page but there is a very specific methodology to it, very similar to the online ads discussed in class. Facebook has a distinction between sponsors and adverts depending on the type of ad you want to show. Because of the way Facebook is structured as well as the various types of ads they can deliver (sponsor vs advert which we will go into later), their system of selling ads is also slightly different than what we expect. Facebook still uses the bids and monitors the click rate. Individuals or organizations bid on each ad section and they can determine how long the ad is displayed. This can range from a few hours to days. The bidding process/payment process can be done via paying per click or pay per impression (in other words, the ad is displayed til a certain number of people have seen it).

That is all very ordinary but Facebook has a few benefits that make advertising on its social media site more valuable (valued in a different way) to advertisers and companies. Due to the massive amount of data and users Facebook has, they can specify ads to specific demographics which is incredibly helpful because advertisers can ensure the people that would find their product or service most interesting will have the strongest likelihood of seeing it. Facebook also already has “pages” that companies or games use to deliver information. This is what marks the difference between an ad and a sponsored story. An ad is what you would normally envision an ad to be but a sponsored story is when Facebook takes a story that is already on Facebook and pushes it so that its higher up on people’s newsfeeds: more likely for people to see it. Facebook even extended this service to individuals allowing users to pay a small fee to have their story be pushed to a higher spot on their friend’s “newsfeeds.”

Facebook has ads that can be tailored to specific demographics, whichever demographic the advertiser wishes to be. Due to the in depth knowledge Facebook has as well as general statistics on clicks per view in certain ad positions, it is a much more potent advertising tool than any other. Combining with already existing pages on Facebook, it allows for an advertising service only possible by Facebook with a bidding system that differs slightly than the ones discussed in INFO2040.





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