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Analyzing the Housing Market with Networks

The article cited below is a discussion of the housing market across the United States, but especially in the Washington D.C. area. The article describes inflation and how across the nation the housing market is getting worse. The article tries to draw correlations, by region, between housing prices, housing construction, and the job market. Many […]

In the game show Friend or Foe, two aspects of this class show up. In the beginning of the show, six players are separated into two sets, those who choose their partner for the game and those who get chosen. Before this, however, all six players have a very small biography containing good and bad […]

Betting on a Masters As a senior, it is time for me to decide if I will enter the real world and get a job or go on to grad school. The real world is a bit intimidating. Looking for a real job isn’t like looking for an internship because you are making a 3-5 year commitment not […]

Power, Stress and Game Theory

A recent study on stress by researchers from Stanford and Harvard University found that leadership could be associated with lower levels of stress.  In particular, leaders who were more powerful had lower levels of stress than non-leaders and also less powerful leaders.  Power was determined by interviewing participants to determine number of subordinates, leadership responsibilities, […]

Military Communication System The website above is a link to a long paper on Air Force Communication systems and projected future capabilities and limitations.  The Article doesn’t have a strong tie to the class other than it’s a communications network. It is kind of interesting though because if you look at the above picture you start to […]

Network Theory in South Korea’s Presidential Election

2012 is an election year in South Korea. Last week, the direction of the presidential race has been completely changed because Ahn Cheol-soo who has been on top two of the presidential election poll for more than ten months, decided to run for the president of South Korea. Because he is not a member of major parties […]

Dominant Bidding Strategies in “Storage Wars”

“Storage Wars” is a televison show on A&E Network about auctioning abandoned storage units. Multiple units are auctioned off throughout the day. There are a few rules to the game. The first rule is that it is a cash only auction. The significance of this rule will be discussed later. The second rule is that […]

Ants and Decison Making

Source: Ants of the species of the species Temnothorax rugatulus have been shown to place complicated decision making upon the whole colony, rather than upon a single ant.  Researchers placed an ant in two situations: one where it had to choose a new nesting site from two potential places and the other where it chose from […]

Clash of the Tech Titans: The Google – Apple Power Race

Users of Apple’s iOS6 and the well-informed consumer are aware of the changes that accompanied the release of the new operating system and their overarching relation to Google.  Namely, the removal of the familiar YouTube application from Apple’s mobile devices has drawn attention to the escalating struggle for market power between the two technological giants. […]

Strong and Weak Ties

Eric Gilbert and Karrie Karahalios conducted research on tie strengths in social media. Their paper, “Predicting Tie Strength with Social Media,” discusses how they were able to determine how different relationships affect the user as well as the social media as whole. Glancing at the collection of data at high level, Gilbert and Karahalios brought […]

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