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I Have All This Money, and Don’t Know Who to Give It to

Business is all about making the right investments, and sponsorships represent a massive amount of brand-spend around the world every year ($56 billion and counting). So, if a company hands over a large sum of money to sponsor an event, activity, person, or organization, they would like to feel confident that have spent their money well. Conversely, if you are seeking a sponsor, you would like to be able to market your person, organization, activity, or event to a wide market of companies to get the best opportunity to receive funds. This is where Sponsorfied comes into the mix, taking in both sponsors and those who want a sponsor into their databases to intelligently select matching pairs. This is a relatively groundbreaking approach to handling sponsorships as they are complicated, offline, and highly relationship-based. Sponsorfied is hoping to centralize the sponsorship business online to make these interactions much smoother and easier for all parties involved.

Sponsorfied Connections

Sponsorfied’s business approach mimics that of the friend recommender we discussed in homework 1 and other friend recommenders in general. However, I was unable to find any information on their matching algorithm other than it being labeled “intelligent,” which implies that they do have one. In addition, because sponsorships are relationship based, Sponsorfied’s work would enforce triadic closures. If both parties trust Sponsorfied (as is assumed if they join the database), then any accepted match that Sponsorfied makes would cause triadic closure. Finally, their role, if the sponsorship business successfully transitions online, would be in the center of a network including sponsors, those who seek sponsors, and other match-making companies; connecting the two sides.

Sponsorfied Matching

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