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Finding the Balance: Books

Even with Amazon covering the largest portion of eBook sales, there still is a niche, a strategy, to publish both eBooks and physical books.

What Should Chivas USA do to Win the Playoff Game?

The soccer team Chivas USA has a tough decision to make in their upcoming playoff game against the San Jose Earthquakes. Last time they played each other, San Jose was able to score three points off of free kicks, and those were the only points they scored that game. However, normally San Jose relies on […]

Human Nature v. Game Theory: Do We Naturally Not Do What’s Best? We are all familiar with rock paper scissors.  In the game each player simultaneously chooses one of three strategies which, depending on what the other player chose, will result in either a win, loss, or tie.  Neither player has a dominant strategy, however for a win/loss scenario to take place the players cannot choose […]

Evolution of Prisoners Dilemma

In a TED talk in 2005, a speaker Howard Rheingold spoke on the idea of collective action. He goes on to describe the “Tragedy of the Commons,” the idea that given a large, open source resource, humans will undoubtedly exploit it for their own gain, effectively ruining their resources. This comes from the idea of […]

Is the Internet Taking Over Our Lives?

With the creation and evolution of the internet, more and more people are becoming to its addictive allure.  But what exactly about the internet gives it such a strong pull in today’s society? According to (link below), there are multiple causes that lead to Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), first coined by Dr. Ivan Goldberg […]

eBay: the Decline of the Auction Era

“The eBay logo is known the world over, so changing it was not a decision made lightly. The time felt right,” Devin Wenig, president of eBay Global Marketplaces, wrote in an email to employees. The article details how eBay is slated to roll out its new logo across the company’s websites beginning in mid-October. The […]

Rethinking Climate Change with Game Theory

Global climate change has in the past few decades become an enormous problem with a myriad of causes that often gets lost in the rambles of political rhetoric. Consequently, countries often hesitate when taking action due the unpredictability of the Earth’s greatest natural (or unnatural) phenomenon. Two MSU scientists have proposed a form of linear […]

Networks and the Farey Diagram

As one may have suspected, the study of simple networks and graph theory overlap substantially. Both incorporate abstract diagrams to better represent practical and sometimes theoretical constructs researchers encounter. Mathematicians have increasingly found that representing an analytic relation graphically (or through networks) greatly simplifies the subject of study – as we will see in the […]

Game Theory Reflected in Doping in Sports

Doping has long been a critical issue in sports. Especially in competitive sports such as cycling and sprinting, where a short boost in performance can bring dramatic changes in results, doping is always tempting for the players. Naturally, those who are on the top of their field are prone to be suspected for doping. The […]

The Nancy Pelosi Game

As we get closer to Election Day, it is particularly interesting to analyze how the decisions of politicians and the voters may affect each other and the outcome of an election or nomination, from the perspective of game theory. Earlier this year, Jonathan Day, et. al published an article in the Journal of Game Theory […]

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