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Students Unknowingly Use Game Theory When Applying to High School

Students entering high school in Boston and New York City have a plethora of options, but no guaranteed acceptances. Schools are abundant in both these cities, though some more popular than most, and all receiving plenty of hopeful applicants to fill an incoming class. Students in Boston and New York are not limited to the […]

Using Network science to identify the best soccer players on a team   In the above article, a team from Northwestern U. applied a statistical analysis algorithm to soccer players in order to quantify a player’s contribution to their team.  Although this practice is common for most sports it is particularly difficult for soccer compared to basketball and american football because of the game’s continuous play […]

Sexual Networks and the Spread of HIV/AIDS

A network, by definition, is a pattern of connections among a set of things; these “things” could represent a variety of subjects—everything from street locations to email addresses. We see them in our everyday lives; when we log onto Facebook, fly across the world, or even make a telephone call we are utilizing networks. The […]

Game Theory: The Answer to All Conflicts?

Do you remember the scene towards the end of the movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows where Professor Moriarty and Holmes play a “mind game” wherein they predict the outcome of their fight? Without actually physically fighting, they know what will become of the situation. It seems at first that Holmes, already severely injured from his […]

Strife in the Muslim World

Smoke billowed through the air, covering the spectators in the noxious fumes of burning polyester. The flames greedily licked at the red, white, and blue, leaving black ashes to drift away over the heads of the protesters, adding yet another country to the growing list of Muslim nations recently showing anti-American sentiment. According to an […]

How do Ichthyologists Advance Science Through Social Networking?

It isn’t a surprise to you that even Ichthyologist’s use Facebook. What’s an Ichthyologist you ask? Ichthyologists study the biology of fish and they are what you would call “Fish Experts”. You would think that I am about to tell you a boring story about how Ichthyologist’s use Facebook to update their relationship status or […]

NFL Lock-out

Game theory has many different applications in the “real world” such as, social networks, travel routes, sporting events, and economics. With the recent lock-out in the NHL, I decided to look at another lockout situation that also occurred recently. The NFL lock-out of two years ago was a unique mix of sports and economics that […]

Coke and Pepsi

This article discusses the puzzling question of why Coke and Pepsi are never on sale at the same time. Research has shown that the two companies rarely have promotions going on simultaneously. In fact, in a one year span, the two companies ran non-overlapping promotions for 26 weeks. This is not a strange coincidence; statistically, […]

Game Theory on Getting Vaccination for the Flu

Link: While vaccination against the flu is generally perceived as a positive practice, some people—namely youngsters—actually view it as not worthwhile because they are less likely to become severely ill or die from the disease. Unfortunately, young people are also more likely than old people to spread influenza, which creates an interesting health dilemma: how […]

Facebook Users Judge Attractiveness Based on Others’ Comments

Original Article: Facebook Users Judge Attractiveness Based on Others’ Comments [STUDY] Link:   This article is explains briefly how a person’s attractiveness (not only physically, but socially and professionally) are correlated to the positive comments on someone’s pictures on a socially media site.  This article specifically connects attractiveness to comments on a profile picture […]

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