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The Phenomenon of Overpaying at Auctions This article deals with the phenomenon of overspending in auctions. The attraction of participating in an auction is the potential to come away with a great deal. However, ironically, there is a tendency for participants to end up overspending and thus negating the benefit they should have gotten. As discussed in class, there are […]

Networks: A Universal Structure

by Hectic – The network is the ultimate unifying structure of existence. Although inherently abstract in nature, the breakdown of nodes and connections can beautifully illustrate even the most sublime of phenomena. From subway systems to neural connections, the structures of interconnection can be mapped in parallel to detect underlying patterns otherwise unbeknownst to the […]

Using Game Theory to Predict the Euro’s Future   Currently, economists around the world are trying to predict the outcome of the current European sovereign debt crisis., knowing the massive global implications of this crisis. This article discusses how we can apply game theory to predict how the financial crisis will play out. It describes membership in the euro zone as “a zero-sum game, in […]

Game Theory and Politics

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita has been working for roughly 30 years (about half of his life, as he is now 62 years old) on perfecting an all-in-one super-simulating computer program that can solve nearly any relevant application of game theory – or creating a model “that predicts the outcome of any situation in which parties […]

Metabolic Networks

Bioreactors are systems that use an organism to perform some industrial function; typically, they involve a tank full of Escherichia coli (not the infectious kind, but the harmless lab strain) that are engineered to produce some useful chemical or protein. However, early on in bioengineering, bioreactors ran into a huge problem, particularly when they fed the […]

Mobile Patent Wars – Offset of Stability in Game Theory The article discusses how Samsung is using its patents to block off the upcoming iPhone 5 from selling. On the surface, we could say that this is the clear cut move from Samsung. If we look at Samsung’s decisions in response to the release of the iPhone 5, it has two choices: to […]

The Twindex

I personally never use my twitter account, but so many people do that now there are 1.8 million tweets every six minutes. With so many tweets going by twitter has become a huge source of information, and the company is always looking at new ways to utilize this monstrous pile of data. With the election […]

Facebook – A Politician’s Newest Friend

With the upcoming election, politicians are actively seeking to increase their publicity and number of supporters. It seems like they are getting help. A study shows that Facebook and other social networking sites have helped generate about 340,000 additional votes during Election Day 2010. When logging into Facebook on Election Day, there were multiple reminders […]

Is Internet Addiction Taking Over Our Lives? With the creation and evolution of the internet, more and more people are becoming to its addictive allure.  But what exactly about the internet gives it such a strong pull in today’s society? According to (link below), there are multiple causes that lead to Internet Addiction Disorder […]

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