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PS3 and XBOX360… Most gamers have one or the other. The Wii exists but is not considered in this model. So, essentially, I want to discuss the reasons that people choose one or the other. The following article lists sales for the consoles in different regions of the world:

According to these stats, the PS3 beats the 360 around the world in sales in the opening couple of weeks. Microsoft does, however, sweep the America’s. In class on 11/9/11 – we discussed technology and the payoffs in compatibility. Japan seems to have a market that is more supportive of the Sony system whereas XBOX has a stronger market in the America’s. Why?

Sony originated in Japan. Microsoft originated in the states. I think this starts us off at a good place. Each has some loyalty involved and creates a community that shares compatibility. Groups set the standard of what the more preferred system is and others follow suit as to benefit them the best. The online attribute allows for both actors to receive payoffs versus a zero payoff denying online and accessory compatibility. All of the commenters that pretend like they know the reasoning behind the dissonance explain that there are different tastes involved; which may be true but I think it has more to do with similar choices in a similar area once a standard has taken precedence. As the slim was released, people chose to buy that over buying the newer version of the Xbox. I think this could suggest that the PS3 is making its way into some new communities and thus spreading. Infiltrating is the toughest part but once this has been done, spreading is more possible.

I think we’ll see an increase in PS3 dominance due to the fact that they are wedging into previous XBOX communities (I, for example, gave up my xbox and got a ps3). Or maybe a new theoretical model will be in order where Wii becomes king. No sane sociologist would dream of asserting that theory though. Its absurd.


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