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Advertising Strategies Recently in class, we have been learning about online advertisements from companies and how each search engine or other website makes revenue off of these ads. Just out of curiosity, though, I was wondering about how ads on YouTube or Hulu or other video-oriented sites generate revenue: is this process just like regular television […]

Bank of America Follows in Information Cascade

A Cascading Stock

Though determining corporate profit projections for each fiscal quarter is difficult for stock analysts of public companies, their work never seems to satisfy. In its third quarter results, Apple Inc. reported a 54% increase in profit – an economically astronomical figure – though its shares decreased by 7% in value after the results were reported. […]

A Possible Solution to the DRM Debate

Ever since the explosive growth of the internet and the increasing popularity of online file-sharing, the music industry has worried about how to deal with piracy.  When consumers illegally download copyrighted music, artists and record labels don’t see the money that they would otherwise get from the music being purchased.  In order to avert this […]

For Your Health

Network analysis and theory affect us in ways that we may even be unaware.  One such way is the idea that your social network can affect your personal health.  Sounds far-fetched?  This article from PLoS Medicine cites researches that suggests networks influence our health from influenza transmission to obesity.  The basic idea behind these researches […]

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