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Why did Donald Trump “seriously think” about his presidential bid?

In 2008, Americans have seen the historic phenomenon of Democrats sweeping the floors of Washington and the White House with full of hope amongst the greatest economic recession. It has been almost 3 years since, however, Americans still don’t see the changes that they have been waiting for after the Bush era was over. President Obama, though he had one of the highest approval rating as a president in the history, starting losing confidence from some of the supporters who voted for him during the last election. So the American GOP is aiming for the next presidential election to overturn the color of the White House. But it seems like too many Republicans are excited about the next presidential election.

The real estate mogul, Donal Trump announced that he is seriously thinking of running as a president of United States. It was not a formal announcement to run as the next president, but he said he was thinking. Although Trump is known for his erratic behavior and unpredictable bids on his businesses that made him one of the richest person in the World, his presidential bid news elicited scornful giggles from many of American voters, including Republicans (Donald Trump is registered Republican). Since then, he has been drawing the media’s attention with his honest view against the current president’s economic policies with China and lack of eligibility as a president, claiming that he has not showed his proof that he was born in US. The Tea Party and many republicans, who prioritized their political goal to make the president an one-term president, reacted in positive view; American public started to listen to what he was saying, whether or not if it was any serious in terms of who to vote during the next election. one. In the mist of criticism, the President didn’t seem like he was interested in Trump’s aggression. He quietly kept working with his people and later released his long-form of his Certificate of Birth, issued by then territory of Hawaii. Eventually he released his statement of not running for the president and the “scandal” is over.

However, it seems like the winner here is Donald Trump. The game theory explains the reason why Trump said the was “seriously thinking” about his presidential bid. Whether he “seriously” thought of running or not, it was his dominant strategy of making public that he was. Here, the important difference is that he is not formally declaring his presidency bid. Whether to declare or not is another game and he later decided not to run. His announcement of seriously thinking of his presidency bid boosted his businesses. His show The Apprentice‘s number of viewer nearly doubled during the time Trump was on media for his political view from the last season, and his businesses started to soar after the sub-prime mortgage crisis hit the real estate market. It did not cost any money to “think” about his presidency bid, but by announcing it, he made tones of money after drawing a heavy media attention, whether it was serious or not. After all, Donald Trump was playing games with American public to make his wealth and popularity back on track using his dominant strategy with huge payoffs, and it looks like he knows how to play game to be better off.


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