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The Complexities of Braess’s Paradox

When one is first presented with Braess’s paradox, it is difficult to intuitively grasp. How could giving drivers a new road to drive on increase the time it takes for them to reach their destination? However, in the context of game theory and Nash equilibriums that aren’t optimal for anyone, the paradox is more manageable. […]

Scientific Collaboration Throughout History: Knowledge Networks with Weak Local Bridges

Throughout the development of biology as a science, there have been many instances of collaboration between genetic biologists, evolutionary biologists, and various other experts in the various disciplines. This collaboration of biologists pushed forward the field of biology gradually in the last couple centuries, but upon a further examination of the key developments of biology, […]

The “Share” Button and the Spread of the Korean Wave

Time Magazine Article on the Korean Wave:,8599,2013227,00.html The Korean Wave, although already well known in Asia, is still working its way to America. The term refers to the recent international fascination with Korean pop culture, Korean television, Korean music, Korean fashion, Korean food, and all things Korean. Through online and traditional methods of promotions, […]

The Network of College Football Fans and Conferences The landscape of college football is changing every year with the realignment of many teams throughout the country. The allocation of college football fans to television media markets operates like a network and the position of fans within the network helps television stations broadcast games specific to the most number of fans in the […]

Game Theory in Viral Content Propagation

Given the popularity of networking sites like Reddit, Digg, and Facebook, it’s extremely interesting that researchers still don’t have a firm grasp on how exactly content can spread so quickly. While the use of the word “viral” is often used, researchers Andrea Montanari and Amin Saberi have found that content may spread along lines determined […]

Brazilian Soccer – A Small World

One of the most interesting things about networks is the small world phenomenon. This idea can be seen all over the world, and one of the most famous titles given to it was the six degrees of separation. A limiting factor of the 6 degrees is that it doesn’t  always apply to smaller sub groups. […]

The Psychology Behind Reality TV Shows Humans are social creatures who thirst for swigs of juicy gossip. There is nothing more riveting to us than a visual representation of the human condition in its most gloriously depraved state in what is known as a reality TV show. The set of reality TV shows portrays the (mainly) unscripted raw interactions of […]

The EdgeRank Algorithm: Optimizing Your News Feed

Facebook is an incredible marketing machine. Every component of the popular networking site and every update draws users to increase their use of Facebook with a clear profitable motivation. Certain features are solely to hold your attention to the site such as the real time chat system, leading to greater ad viewership and general usage. […]

Bidding for a Campus in NYC

Sealed bid auctions are a frequent means in the modern business world to have numerous competitors place bids for a project without the others knowing the exact value of each other’s bids. Sealed bid auctions can be beneficial to competitors because they are not compelled to raise their bids above their true value, since in […]

The Payoffs of Smartphones

This day and age is riddled with ever-changing and advancing technology. One of the recent things to be in the forefront of this age is: Smartphones. These small boxes can do everything from counting the zits on your face to finding out where you parked your car, and more. But while these semi-magical devices may […]

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