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Real Time Strategy and Game Theory

When thinking of strategy games one often drifts to board games like Chess and Go, who’s play has been refined over the centuries to a near art form.  Game theory can even be applied to these games given that each player knows the rules before hand and the goal of the other player, and thus […]

Has Facebook Gone Too Far? Once again, Facebook has made a number of serious changes to the program that has kept us connected with people around the world.  Aside from changing the layout to mimic Google+, Facebook added new features such as sharing real time experiences such as watching videos and listening to music. Also the new Timeline feature […]

Example of Prisoner’s Dilemma in a Game Show

There are many scenarios in the world when the Prisoner’s Dilemma game we discussed in class comes into play. In Richard Thaler’s lecture yesterday, he presented a video which shows an example of this game. The clip is a segment from a British game show called “Golden Balls.” In this show, there are two contestants, […]

The Use of Proteorhodopsin by Microorganisms

Though many of the game theory examples discussed in class involved economic driving forces, the applications of game theory can be expanded to explain biological microorganisms, where the payoff for achieving the best possible outcome results in a “survival of the fittest” situation, causing the better, more desired traits possessed by the microorganism to become […]

Game Theory: Penalty Kicks and Shootouts

Soccer is a passion of mine; I was intrigued by the idea that the game I had been playing my whole could be applied/explained through game theory economics. My team had made it to the state championship. After ninety minutes of regular play and twenty minutes of over time, the game remained tied up, and […]

Tumblr and the Network Effect As mentioned in the article “Tumblr Tops 13 Million U.S. Uniques in July” by Jennifer Van Grove via Mashable, the network effect works to both attract new users and to retain current users. As Tumblr gains a more massive user base, its value rises. As a result, people begin to “adopt” the system as an […]

Are we Aware? Networks and Politics The article listed above is compilation of several essays devoted to the significance that social networks, or to be more specific the emergence of computer based networks, have on not only our political preferences, but on our political involvement as well. One of the recurring themes that we come across in networks is the […]

Graph Theory to Repurpose Existing Drugs

Gabapentin is a medication marketed for controlling seizures.  However, PubMed declares that it can also be used to “relieve the pain of diabetic neuropathy (numbness or tingling due to nerve damage in people who have diabetes), and to treat and prevent hot flashes.” [1]  In other words, aside from the intended effects of the drug, […]

Game Theory in Squid Matings The concept of game theory can be applied to biological processes in addition to the economic uses it was originally intended for. However, in biological game theory, payoffs are normally replaced with levels of fitness; that is, the ability to survive and reproduce. One such example that we have already studied that pertains to […]

Are Your Facebook Friends Really Your friends In this article the author explores the dynamics of social networking in the form of facebook friends. “Are facebook friends really your friends?” The author thinks no, and according to her Wikipedia reference, a friendship requires mutual respect, affection, shared interest, and some form of rendering of service in times of need. By this […]

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