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Twitter as a Business Tool

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Screenshot of Twitter Web Anaytics

Screenshot of Twitter Web Anaytics

Wednesday, Twitter announced that it is launching a web analytics platform. Twitter Web Analytics will allow site owners to track the amount of traffic received from Twitter, as well as the effectiveness of Tweet Buttons on their website over time. The four main items that companies will be able to track are “traffic,” “tweets,” “tweet button,” and “content” shared on Twitter. The plan is to release this tool to a select few users at first, eventually making it universally available.

This news is relevant to Networks in that Twitter has established itself as a common node among web users worldwide. Twitter subscribers are not only connected to each other, but also to the content that is tweeted. The analytics tool will now allow websites to understand the extent of their connections with users and extract trends that could be essential to their development. For example, what is the nature of these connections or edges? Are the tweets positive or negative? Are we gaining or losing followers? This information is vital because as we studied, edges can take on a variety of forms – positive, negative, weak, strong, one-way, and two-way. Twitter Web Analytics will allow websites to not only track, but also make sense of their traffic; which in today’s online atmosphere with millions of websites could provide a necessary competitive advantage.


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