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New Email Workflow – creating an email

iModules has a new tool for creating emails.  This page will document with both  a PDF and video the new process.    A bit of iModules jargon they use is the word ‘workflow’.   Basically workflow means the steps you go through to create an email.

With the email workflow tool,  each class and club has been provided a new template.  The template was designed to provide for two functions, event registration and a newsletter.  Our goal was to provide a template that you could remove unnecessary content to give you the desired type of email.

Note -This page is a living document and we will be adding content on a very regular schedule.  Please keep checking back for more training material as we become more familiar with the new email tool.

Sender Identity – a new process to identify an email sender that is required to create an emails.   There needs to be at least one Sender Identity built for your class or club before an email is created.

  • Creating a Sender Identity
  • Short Video Creating a Sender Identity
    • Note:  Sender Identities require a postal address be associated with any sender.  If your Class or Club does not have a physical mailing address,  feel free to use Cornell Alumni Affairs and Developments address of 130 East Seneca Place,  Ithaca New York 14850.

Email Creation:

Sending a Preview:

Creating an Email Audience (Recipient List from a Segment):

Scheduling and Releasing an Email:

Reporting on Emails:

Adding a New Content Element:

Note:   While we do train you on how to add a new content elements in the following documents and videos,  our advice is to to duplicate content elements inside an email.

Instead of following the multi-step instructions below,  our advice to to select a content element similar to what you would like to use,  select the “duplicate” button, and then move the duplicated block to where you would like it on the email.   The ensures that all the formatting and background colors match what already exist on your site.

Email template colors

Cornell Red = #b31b1b
Gray body text = #666666, Font =  Arial, Font size = 16px, Spacing = 25 px


Contact Us

If issues are being experienced with iModules email tool that require support or you have questions/comments,  click the  email link link to send an email to the Cornell support staff.  Please provide as much detail as possible (screen shots are fantastic).  We strive to get back to you within a business day.

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