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Creating an Email

The iModules tool provides  different paths to often accomplish the same task,  included below are documents with suggested approaches to creating emails:

Creating an email (PDF)

The word documents above provide generic instructions including how to use the content editor to build the body of the email.  iModules provides detailed instruction for the content editor at the iModules training site.   The iModules documentation will explain in greater detail the use of the tool  icons available  in the content editor.

Emails can be re-used once they have been sent.  It is recommended that if an email is to be reused several times,  always re-use the original email.

Emails must be previewed before they can be sent to all planned recipients.   Please be aware that not all functionality is included in a preview.  The preview content may be impacted if a preview is forwarded to another person, so it is not recommended to forward a preview.

Emails can be used to forward links and to register for to iModules events.   Volunteers are not granted access to create iModules events so please contact  your engagement officer regarding events.


How to select who will receive emails for CLUBS  (4 Minutes)

How to select who will receive emails for CLASSES  (5 Minutes – Please Note this will discuss how to email ALL members of a class  – NOT limited to Dues playing members of a class )

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