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IMPORTANT: iModules has released a new version of the email workflow tool to create emails.   This documentation is for the Legacy email system.  PLEASE DO NOT USER THE LEGACY EMAIL TOOL UNLESS NECESSARY.  We encourage you to transition to the new tool at this point.  Documentation for the new tool exist on the tab called New Email Workflow.


The iModules product delivers a power module for bulk emailing to alumni and related constituents.  The tool provides a path for creating content,  selecting recipients, sending the email, and producing reports regarding the email.

Classes and clubs are provided a “Call To Action” template that have been verified for use on mobile ready platforms.  It is suggested that this templates be used to create emails.    Care should be taken to ensure that this template is not accidentally modified.

Using templates and saved content blocks will allow for more efficient emailing and use of consistent language.

iModules provides simple email exception and bounce reporting  that will provide real counts of emails sent to alumni.


When access is granted to manage email contents you will see the ‘circled’ tool bar appear on your site.  The buttons will allow you to manage you emails:


A simple and effective email from the Cornell Club of Mid-America


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