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Using Templates and Content Blocks

Using e-mail templates will permit more rapid turn around time for e-mail development.

Please use existing templates created by the Email Marketing team.    These templates have been validated to work across multiple platforms.  If you create your own template,  there may be issues with mobile devices and email software applications.   The ITSG and the Email Marketing Team  may not be able to address issues with emails created outside of vetted templates and may not be able to retrieve these types of templates if deleted.

Please only use content blocks (small portions of code) that were created by the Email Marketing Team

Using Templates and Content Blocks (MS-WORD)

Using Templates and Content Blocks (PDF)

Emails must be previewed before they can be sent to all planned recipients.   Please be aware that not all functionality is included in a preview.  Also the preview content may be impacted if a preview is forwarded to another person.

The suggested approach is to NOT create your own templates,  but to create an email from a template every time.     An additional option can be re-using an email created earlier from an approved template.   Re-used emails should always go from the original email,  do not modify an email, reuse it to form a new email,  modify that email,  then re-use the modified email.   iModules has seen that technique result in failed emails.



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