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Flight Itinerary

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Flight Itinerary India-20s6ogk


1 EK 210G 02JAN WE EWRDXB MK1  1155P 1220A#2/O E

2 EK 530K 04JAN FR DXBCOK MK1   245A  805A/O E

3 EK 525G 19JAN SA HYDDXB MK1   410A  640A/O E

4 EK 201G 19JAN SA DXBJFK MK1   830A  155P/O E

The group will be leaving on Jan 2 from Newark at 1155pm arriving Dubai at 1220am to connect the 245am arriving Cochin at 805am on Jan 4…..and return from Hyderabad at 410am on Jan 19 arriving Dubai at 640am to connect the 830am arriving JFK at 155pm on Jan 19...Same day


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