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Now that I have had the time to actually synthesize the main thesis for my research paper I have been able to see connections to our time in India that I did not previously consider. I am focusing on the effects of climate change on women in India, and how their livelihoods are currently altered or could possibly be. I am specifically referring to Kothapally in my paper, and I have found that the issue of water access/abundance has even larger effects than what I thought of before.

I realize now that while visiting the village I did not consider all of the economic factors that come into play when dealing with something so vital like water. Not only are the people of Kothapally negatively affected by climatic changes like drought or flooding, but they are also put at risk financially as the time or effort that they have to reallocate towards tasks such as finding ways to deal with the variability of water could be better used to add to their own economy. Although the village has made efforts in building dams to decrease the water flow (and therefore decrease the risk of flooding), that time and money spent could potentially be used to increase entrepreneurial opportunities for women and thus better their position in society. 

However, I am glad to reflect on my time in Kothapally to see that the women self-help groups are working together towards common goals such as the management of local markets and increasing their education levels. At the time I could not see all of the side effects that the village was dealing with and wish that I put more effort into asking all of the questions that I now have - but I am still glad to be able to draw from both my visit there and the research that I am currently doing to create a comprehensive paper that includes both anecdotal evidence and external information I have found here in the U.S.

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