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Reflections on Being Back in the States

Today was our first-class meeting to discuss our trip to India to further discuss our reflections from our wonderful trip. Being back at Cornell allows me to compare and reflect on their differences.

The biggest difference between the two is obviously the weather. We just got over our recent weather vortex, but that further reminds me of the effects of climate change throughout the whole world. Every person is experiencing these changes in different ways, be it through flooding in Kerala, a vortex in the Northeast, Tsunamis in Indonesia, etc.

Other differences are obviously the cultural ones from the food, to the manners. The food on our trip was wonderful to eat and I dearly miss the food. I find myself wanting naan and paneer during dinner time. The manners here are also different because I don’t find myself being crowded around by people.

Most interestingly, the number of small children in India shocked me! In America, adults are having less children later in life, while in India all I saw was children upon children. It is interesting to see this dichotomy because it speaks to the values beholden in society, and the developmental stages.

In what other ways, should I (can I?) compare the two? We cannot compare countries with different religions and different climates. What is beholden in one can be wholly different in another. I, therefore, allowed myself to reflect on the differences between them and be cognizant of these differences. They inform me of the beauty of the different ways of life in the world. People are diverse and difficult and vibrant, but what unites us is the desire to live and thrive within this changing world.

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